Flour improver

We are in a unique position to provide clients end-to-end services,
at any stage of the food production chain. These include:

and development

A key focus of our R&D is in the use of micro ingredients in the development of specialty ingredients. One of the most common challenges in the baking industry is the difficulty in ensuring the consistency and quality of baked goods. Various factors can affect the quality of baked goods such as inconsistency in the quality of flour and ingredients, skills level of bakery staff, and, sometimes, even the weather can play a part. Our expertise in the development of micro ingredients such as enzymes enables us to tailor make solutions to produce the optimum performance that meets the properties the client is looking for in the baked goods.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated chemists, product developers, food technologists and technical and craft bakers to come up with customized solutions that work to clients’ best advantage. When developing solutions, we take into account a range of considerations. With breads, these include shelf life, crumb texture, crustiness, product volume, fresh-keeping qualities, stability, tolerance and strengthening, water absorption, machinability, extensibility and softness.

Customer support

With us, it’s never just about the products. We go the extra mile for our clients, with customer support services they can trust and call upon to ensure the smooth running of their operations. These include:

• In-house training
• Process review
• Plant trials