Flour Mills


At CerealTech, we provide flour improver systems that contain blends of selected enzymes designed to strengthen the gluten network, optimising the performance and tolerance of the protein present in the flour.

These specialized flour improvers can be used at a very low usage rate to achieve a homogenous flour with a consistent profile.


CerealTech’s micro-ingredient systems and premixes for bakeries are specially designed to ensure a consistent premium result with every bake.


CerealTech’s cake premixes and custard mix are an easy way to create consistent quality products. They are designed to deliver maximum quality, variety and ease of use.

Franchising solutions

Thinking of expanding your business but worried about recipe’s IP?

Take advantage of our advanced food and processing technology, we can help you blend the essential micro ingredients of a formulation into a concentrated cocktail.

This cocktail is then used by your outlets, in conjunction with other locally sourced ingredients, to make a final product for your customers.

Customized solutions

Listening to your problems has always been our top priority. At CerealTech, we fully understand that a standard solution may not fit everyone. Hence, we have helped our clients overcome various kinds of challenges.

Increasing the nutritional value of existing products, implementing a clean label solution and developing a brand new product from concept to production are expertise we have developed over the years.