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Project Description

Our relentless pursuit of innovative ideas in the food industry has led CerealTech to progress beyond cereal-based products. Our IP protection process, IP BOX, creates a customized composition of ingredients that cannot be replicated, thus protecting the establishment’s formulation.

This cocktail is then used by your outlets, in conjunction with other locally sourced ingredients, to make a final product for your customers.

Created for food entrepreneurs who are thinking of expanding their business but concerned about intellectual property protection.

 ♦ Protects your intellectual property

 ♦ Ease in supplying overseas markets

 ♦ Solves franchising challenges by maintaining consistent product quality and characteristics globally

 ♦ Ensures that final product quality standard is maintained, even though there is variation in skill sets, processes, and equipment across different countries

 ♦ Ensures that raw material quality and quantity is always available even overseas

 ♦ A replicable solution designed for growth

♦ Ensures food safety standards are maintained across different markets

♦ Cost saving, easy to use and with fast turnaround time