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We believe that food is to be appreciated and celebrated. Food nourishes the body and brings people together. It is why after more than 20 years in the food business as a micro ingredients specialist, we continue to be excited over what
we do.

CerealTech takes pride in the development and application of micro ingredients. Our extensive cache of micro ingredients enables us to intervene

and enhance process optimization and product quality at any stage of the manufacturing process, from flour milling to baking.

Through the years, we have leveraged new technologies in the industry to identify and keep ahead of new food trends so that our clients can satisfy the ever-changing needs and demands of global consumers.

Together with our experience and knowledge of the industry, we have expanded our capabilities with a suite of end-to-end services, and an extensive range of products that encompass more than just bakery to the extraction of flavors and dried soup bases.

Our clients

Almost anyone in the business of food, anywhere in the world. These include industry entrepreneurs, industrial bakers, millers, local and global food companies and small business owners looking to grow and expand their company, improve operational and cost efficiency and roll out new food products that connect with consumers.

Many of our clients have been with us since our early days, confident that we have the experience that they can trust.

micro ingredients
micro ingredients

How we work

We value our clients and keep them close, no matter where they are located. Our home base is in Singapore, a modern city-state located in the heart of Asia, known for its robust economy, highly-educated workforce and excellent connectivity. From here, we deliver outstanding service to our customers around the world, through our knowledge, enthusiasm and operational excellence.

For us, everything starts by first listening carefully to what our clients tell us: their needs, challenges and desired outcomes. Our continuing dedication to experiment and innovate enables us to develop customized solutions for our clients.

We work with food entrepreneurs to help them open franchise outlets outside their home base to new markets overseas. Whether you are a Michelin-star Dim Sum restaurant or a celebrated Japanese ramen chain looking to open your first overseas branch, we are here to help you replicate and ensure consistency without compromising taste, texture, appearance and quality of your food.

Or you could be a modest home-baker with dreams of someday owning a bakery or cafe. Let’s make this happen together. You may want to start with enrolling at our CerealTech School of Baking Technology to understand the fundamentals of baking better breads, cakes and pastries.

We operate through a network of distributors and in-country partners to ensure fast turnaround.